Grow Your Own!

Check the labels on your store-bought produce. If it is even produced in the US, it most likely is not from the state your in, even more likely, it is imported from another country like, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Japan, Canada. The majority of the food we eat is grown by people we don't know in a [...]


Restoring Nature

The hopeful aspect of nature is that she is an incessant force of growth, decay, and growth. Sometimes we destroy areas so completely that nothing grows there naturally. Sometimes we heavily pollute areas with chemicals, trash, and various non-natural substances. These factors can be too much for nature, by herself, to overcome. With determined campaigns [...]

In the news: Keystone Pipeline Leaks

Last Thursday, November 16, 2017, the Keystone Pipeline spewed 210,000 gallons of crude oil into the ground of South Dakota. TransCanada, the company that owns the pipeline reports that crews shut the pipeline down within 15 minutes after noticing a drop in pressure. This leak happened days before a decision from Nebraska lawmakers regarding the [...]

A tax for this, a tax for that, why not carbon?

With the recent attention and coverage of the Republican efforts in Congress to overhaul the tax code and implement a tax-cutting bill, perhaps the addition of a revenue-neutral carbon tax will help bring on Democratic support and allow Republicans to show their willingness to address climate change while maintaining their conservative, market-based principles. What is [...]