What we stand for

The purpose of this blog is to provide a platform that will highlight key environmental issues and add commentary on the developments in this important time of total environmental disregard.

This will be a digital space to discuss all the happenings in the green energy economy and all the news in the fight for a clean climate future, free of polluting carbon fuels, and to foster a widespread, deep seeded belief that protection of our planet is a moral responsibility, as well as an economic opportunity.

The environment is widely encompassing, tying many issues into the fold, all contributing to a hot, polluted, and unlivable future. This blog will discuss recent events and issues in the news, as well as deeper and broader problems. This blog will emphasize the importance of a fundamental shift in human thought patterns, consumption habits, and energy sources, in order to create, and sustain a livable future environment.

The well being of Earth’s natural environment is an issue that, if allowed to succumb to the detriment at our hands, presents an existential threat that the human race, as of yet, has never encountered.

We can identify the problem. We have the solutions. Time is running out and we need to take action

(Photo credits: http://www.finerminds.com/consciousness-awareness/world-environment-day-green-economy/ )

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