The American Dream Needs an Update

The lifestyle of the American Dream is destroying our environment. Through consumerism, urban sprawl, and animal agriculture, the desires of American capitalism are wreaking havoc on the planet.

The American Dream for most is a well-paying job, a nice suburban house, a big shiny car, a large diet, a nuclear family. This sounds ideal and what everyone has been told to strive for. If you don’t attain these sought-after achievements, you are looked down on as a lower class in society. Humans are prone to judging others based off what they own, what they can get, who they control. This is such a destructive way of thinking.

These images of success are ruining the ideals of the American Dream.

The American Dream does not mean getting a big house and a big car. The American Dream is that everyone is afforded the same opportunity, a fair chance to do what you want with your life. If you want to work hard and earn a lot of money, you can do so. What you chose to do with that money is up to you. The fundamental truth of the American Dream is that everyone who wishes to make an impact and contribute to society can.  It is about the ability to create something and add value.

Though, this is where it has been corrupted. Now people have turned themselves into slaves of the manufactured dream. “I’ve got to get a big house, and work hard to get a fast car so I can earn the respect of others.” It is a manifestation of the consumerist plague that is ailing our society. This desire for stuff has taken over all facets of our lives.

Through the products we covet and buy, we have produced mountains of waste and packaging. Forests have been cut down and the insides of the ground ripped up to produce the things we want. Natural environments are torn down and covered up with concrete to produce the affordable housing for everyone that thinks they need a massive home. Hundreds of millions of acres are used to produce the meat that is so common in an American diet.

Alternatives to the typical lifestyle of the American Dream are available. There are real ways to change and reevaluate the way you live. Some example of this are below.

Minimalism, a philosophy that has been gaining traction as a reaction to the utter overload of things in our lives. This style of living emphasizes downsizing and removing the excess stuff in one’s life. This applies to environmentalism because as consumerist tendencies drive exploitation of resources to make the things we buy, minimalism teaches one to value what they already have.

Tiny Homes, which are exactly what they sound like, enable people to live within their means. Most people don’t need a large apartment or house and Tiny Homes provide everything they need while using fewer resources and take up less land. They have grown in popularity as a way to reduce costs, reduce environmental impacts, and to live a simpler life.

Veganism, eating an entirely plant-based diet, is perhaps the most impactful thing that humans can do to reverse climate change and protect the environment. The detrimental effects of animal agriculture are things that need to be talked about and addressed. Hundreds of acres of rainforest are chopped down every day to make room for cattle farms. The manure and runoff from these farms emit carbon and methane into the atmosphere and pollutes waterways.  Furthermore, it is now backed by the support of doctors and nutritionist that humans live healthier and longer lives on plant-based diets.

As many struggle to the make the American Dream a reality, remember to take a step back. There are alternative ways to live a satisfying life while causing less of a destructive environmental impact.




3 thoughts on “The American Dream Needs an Update

  1. Hi! I love the write up you did here. It’s so true. We have to seriously adjust our perspective if we plan on being on this planet for awhile. I was wondering if I could reprint your article as a guest post for the Rage Against the Machine November series we have going over at The Seeker’s Dungeon. If you’d like to take a look at the series and the other contributors you can find it here:

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      1. Awesome. I noticed that you don’t have a gravatar image. Do you have an image or profile pic that you would like to go along with your article? Also a few words about yourself? If you have a pic you’d like to use, you could send it to my email Thanks so much for visiting. I’m sure people are gonna love your article.


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